Overview of Member Conduct & Discipline

The Professional Photographers’ Association (PPAQ) is a self-regulating professional association whose members voluntarily agree to be bound by various professional, technical and ethical standards.
These standards aim to ensure that the PPAQ exercises the highest level of professionalism; providing a quality of service that is credible, up-to-date and relevant. PPAQ members are required to conduct themselves in a professional business-like manner at all times. These Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures are the expected minimum requirement for all PPAQ members.

The Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures are designed to ensure that any complaints and disciplinary processes are handled effectively, expeditiously, and in a manner that observes the principles of natural justice and procedural fairness. 

Complaint Handling Procedure


This policy is intended to ensure that we handle complaints fairly, efficiently and effectively.
Our complaint management system is intended to:
• To deliver a consistent, high-quality and accountable response to complaints across the PPAQ.
• boost member confidence in our administrative process.

Managing unreasonable conduct by people making complaints

We are committed to being accessible and responsive to all people who approach us with feedback or complaints. At the same time our success depends on:
• our ability to do our work and perform our functions in the most effective and efficient way possible
• the health, safety and security of our staff, and
• our ability to allocate our resources fairly across all the complaints we receive.
When people behave unreasonably in their dealings with us, their conduct can significantly affect the progress and efficiency of our work. As a result, we will take proactive and decisive action to manage any conduct that negatively and unreasonably affects us and will support our members to do the same in accordance with this policy.

Objectivity and fairness

We will address each complaint with integrity and in an equitable, objective and unbiased manner.
We will ensure that the person handling a complaint is different from any staff member whose conduct or service is being complained about.
Conflicts of interests, whether actual or perceived, will be managed responsibly. In particular, internal reviews of how a complaint was managed will be conducted by a person other than the original
decision maker.


We will protect the identity of people making complaints where this is practical and appropriate.
Personal information that identifies individuals will only be disclosed or used by the PPAQ as permitted under the relevant privacy laws, secrecy provisions and any relevant confidentiality obligations

Lodging a Complaint

Complaints may be made by any person and are to be made directly to the President of the PPAQ to the following address: 7a Arthur St, Woodend QLD 4305

The complaint must:
• Be in writing;
• Clearly identify the member against whom the complaint is made;
• Clearly outline the exact nature and detail of the complaint;
• Be accompanied with documentary evidence supporting it;
• Show the name and address of the complainant; and
• Be signed by the complainant.