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Jannine McFarlane

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JvB Photography


I believe all people and businesses have a story to tell.

I see a world where businesses can say  “I do what it says on the label”.

There is just so much fakeness in the world and the true beauty of people with their flaws, bumps, and quirks are looked at as less than perfect.  When in fact, that is perfection! Chaos, although uncomfortable and messy is the true beauty of a life worth living.After studying fine arts, ballet, and choreography, I realised that I can help people capture who they are as people and as businesses.  JvB Photography was born in 2012 in a rumpus room with a leaky ceiling. But the joy was already cemented.

JvB stands for “Jannine van Binsbergen”. Yes, my maiden name is a mouthful, but when I married the love of my life, Andrew, I wanted to keep something just for me.

Creativity is in my blood and I see the beauty in all things, even the ugly and boring bits.

I take truthful images to capture real moments of joy and growth. No fake bits here!

Documenting moments to remember the joy, give hope and fall in love.

I specialise in moments and interpreting them into a memory or a value through photography.

I try to live by my values and then, in turn, becoming truthful to myself and others.

I love to spend my time with people who share the same values of honesty, transparency, kindness, and respect for themselves and all living beings.

Life is not just about the big moments, it’s the little ones that you don’t notice that become the moments you remember.

Life is just a story after all.