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Colin Bushell

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Colin Bushell Photography / Bigger Boat Creative Solutions, Worldwide


With 35 years experience in photography, journalism, corporate communications, law and broadcasting, it’s hard to find the right descriptors for Colin Bushell.

On one day he’s teaching the craft of photography, on others he’s working with his journalistic hat on for a number of global magazine titles.  He’s been a consumer law enforcement officer in London, a radio broadcaster in Western Australia, managed a cinema in outback Australia, written a novel that won the State Literature Award’s Mentorship Scheme in 2005, and took a photograph of a rubbish dump that won him the Lord Mayor’s Photography Award in 2015.

These days, he spends about three months of the year overseas in search of the next engaging story, and striking image. His passion is sharing his skills and experience with those looking to improve either their photography or their writing. He may be a hard man to tie down, but he’s worth having a chat to when you can!