Our Mission

The PPAQ guarantees the highest standards in professional photography, ensuring exceptional imagery, business probity and client confidence. PPAQ members nurture relationships with fellow professionals, clients and community; actively promote the Association and build membership; and commit to continuous learning and improvement.

Who are the PPAQ?

Established in 1928, the Professional Photographers’ Association of Queensland (PPAQ) was founded for professional photography studios and their photographers across Queensland.

The PPAQ membership types include Certified Professional Photographers and Developing Photographers. Our members can emphasise to their clients that they belong to Queensland’s longest standing association with stringent quality standards required of their membership.

What does the PPAQ do?

The PPAQ provides a platform for the promotion and growth of the Professional Photography industry in Queensland.

The PPAQ aims to assist photographers to have successful photography businesses that offer consistently high quality images to the Queensland consumer.

What is a CPP?

Certified Professional Photographer is an accreditation given as a certificate to qualifying photographers who have a studio / business membership with the PPAQ. This is the highest level of membership accreditation provided by the PPAQ. The letters “CPP” are used next to our members names and in their advertising to show our professional qualifications.

Supporting our Members

Each year, the PPAQ hosts a Member’s Print Exhibit to promote our CPPs and provide a platform for them to share their knowledge and experience with a wide range of visitors, including art lovers, young students in search of tips and ideas, enthusiastic amateurs, potential new members, and experienced pros. Below are examples from this year’s event.